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Godlewski, a finance expert and small-business owner from Eau Claire, who worked for the undersecretary of Defense on projects that cut government waste, knows exactly how to make the most of the office.

Godlewski wants to use the treasurer’s office as a bully pulpit to talk about financial issues. And, at the same time, she wants to work with Democrats and Republicans in the Legislature to expand the scope of the treasurer’s duties.

If we’re reading the will of the electorate right — and we are quite sure that we are considering the overwhelming vote to retain the treasurer’s office — it looks like Godlewski is proposing to give the people what they want. And what they want is a check and balance on politicians like Walker.
— The Editorial Team of the Cap Times

Sarah's previous statements

Wisconsin’s elections have fallen victim to corporate special interests for far too long. Billions have been spent buying elections and this must stop. Wisconsinites deserve to know their elected officials are not being controlled by corporations. This is especially true with the State’s Chief Banker. Taking this pledge is the first step in demonstrating my commitment to serving all Wisconsinites, not big business and special interest groups.
— Sarah Godlewski

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