Top Priorities

Sarah’s priorities as State Treasurer include careful financial management and creative solutions that will best serve Wisconsinites and local communities across the state. Sarah’s vision is built on three pillars:

Protecting your dollars.png


Since Sarah entered office in January she has put her campaign promise to work and is working to provide true accountability and transparency to ensure oversight of your tax dollars! The Treasurer’s Office has already discovered and returned over $200,000 back to taxpayers. This is only the beginning, and Sarah is tirelessly fighting for the financial interests of Wisconsin.

Investing in Wisconsin.png


The office of the State Treasurer has a critical role in ensuring Wisconsin has a stable financial future. Sarah is fighting to make sure the state is making good investments that will help Wisconsinites. One of the first things she tackled was a ban on even talking about climate change when making investment decisions. Now the office uses real science to create sound investments. Her work on the Student Loan Debt Task Force to listen to the issues Wisconsinites are facing while coming together to find solutions. Sarah is supporting smart investments that are prudently managed and provide a healthy return.

Advocating for you (1).png


The State Treasurer should be your champion in the fight against financial exploitation. Seniors, veterans, and vulnerable communities across our state have been taken advantage of for too long. Sarah believes the Treasurer’s office should partner with organizations working with seniors to implement fraud prevention and response programs, and is working to restore this mission.

The Treasurer’s Office must also be a consumer advocate, taking action against large banks and institutions that abuse their power to take advantage of customers and taxpayers, and Sarah is using her experience and qualifications to stand up to them and advocate for us.