Top Priorities

Sarah’s priorities as State Treasurer include careful financial management and creative solutions that will best serve Wisconsinites and local communities across the state. Sarah’s vision is built on three pillars:

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The State Treasurer has the ability to examine financial transactions that involve your tax dollars. Sarah believes that as the state’s chief banker, the Treasurer should always be working on behalf of taxpayers to review the state’s spending. Sarah will also publish a Taxpayer’s Annual Report outlining how your tax dollars were spent. Sarah is committed to providing accountability and transparency through the Treasurer’s Office to ensure oversight of your tax dollars!

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The State Treasurer serves as financial trustee to four trust funds with combinedassets exceeding $1.2 billion. As trustee, the Treasurer has the authority to determine the types of investments made by the funds.

The return on these funds benefits ALL public schools, providing $35 million in 2017. These funds also help finance community projects across the state. The State Treasurer must support smart investments that are prudently managed and provide a healthy return, so we can continue to fund our schools and communities.

In order to achieve the biggest impact, we need to think beyond traditional investments and invest in our people. Sarah believes the state trust fund should also be used to help address the student loan crisis, by paying off debts and refinancing them at a lower rate that still provides an attractive return for the state. Even in today’s low interest rate environment, some student loan rates are approaching 15% in Wisconsin. Yet, there are no federal or state policies to help students refinance their loans. How can Wisconsinites get ahead when we can’t even keep up?

Sarah’s extensive background in socially responsible investing provides the experience to identify win-win investment strategies that deliver healthy returns while improving the lives of Wisconsinites.

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The Treasurer should be your champion in the fight against financial exploitation. Seniors, veterans, and vulnerable communities across our state have been taken advantage of for too long. Sarah believes the Treasurer’s office should partner with organizations working with seniors to implement fraud prevention and response programs. Sarah will strongly advocate for economic empowerment for all Wisconsinites.

The Treasurer’s Office must also be a consumer advocate, taking action against large banks and institutions that abuse their power to take advantage of customers and taxpayers. Sarah has the experience and qualifications to stand up to them and advocate for us.